Doing the Impossible Every day

Not too long ago when we discussed flexible and remote working as part of an overall strategy to improve sustainability and tackle climate change the response was typically guarded.  How many people, how often?  How will we know what they are doing?

We did encounter some organisations that had fully embraced flexibility and mobility, but they were the exceptions.  Mostly it was accepted as a management and cultural issue, that attitudes and processes would need to change over time.

Today’s reality is suddenly rather different.  The impossible has pretty much been achieved and the exceptional has suddenly become normal (albeit not without significant effort, cost and disruption).  There’s an interesting lesson in the fact that nature didn’t give us the luxury of that long time to change, we have been hit by something that needed dramatic, rapid action that looks like it will affect almost everyone one on the planet.

Taking a very rose-tinted view it does show is that we have the capacity to act together on a common purpose.  What we need to do now is look out for each other and the planet in difficult times and look as far as we can outside the narrow confines of our usual perspective to consider the broader common good.

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