Calculating ICT carbon footprint at the University of Sussex

Dr. Sutton-Parker, Px3 CEO, conducts end user computing carbon footprint analysis at one of the UK’s leading Universities.

As part of ongoing research to fine tune new and ground breaking applications capable of calculating the carbon footprint of IT, Dr. Sutton-Parker was invited by the University of Sussex to determine scope 2 (use phase) and scope 3 (supply chain) GHG emissions currently generated by the organisation’s end user computing devices.

Measuring almost 30,000 end user computing devices, the project produced a comprehensive research paper detailing the current carbon footprint of the estate. Additionally, a ‘low carbon footprint’ future replacement estate was defined and highlighted a potential GHG emissions reduction of 26%.

To enable such sustainable IT strategies, the University has since adopted the use of Px3‘s end user computing device comparison application to ensure all new devices have the lowest carbon footprint.