Why Measuring Carbon Footprint is Step 1 on the Path to Net Zero for IT

In charge of IT?  Working to KPIs around cost, availability and performance? Chances are someone (it may be your customers, staff, investors or other stakeholders) will shortly be asking you for some new metrics – about your departments Carbon Footprint.

Here’s a starter set of three to benchmark against……

  • What are your total IT GHG emissions for the year?
  • What’s the trend – is it going up, or down?
  • Which of your devices are the most polluting?

And if those are the first set of questions, the next set may be even more of a challenge:

  • Can we generate a heat map for IT emissions across the organisation?
  • How do we benchmark new proposals from suppliers and vendors?
  • What happens to our emissions reporting if we move some workloads from our DCs to the cloud?
  • How do you account for the emissions of staff using your equipment at home?
  • What’s your strategy to get to Net Zero for IT?

We can help. At Px3 Our mission is to help organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.  That’s all we do. 

Working with us you get a detailed, granular and accurate picture of your organisation’s emissions using science-based measurements. 

Crucially for effective planning and decision making we can help you identify the hot-spots and problem areas. Equally importantly we’ll help you define your strategy and prioritise your Net Zero action plan by modelling the potential reductions you could make on your current emissions (and Scope 2 & 3 reporting) by:

  • Swapping some out some of your devices for lower-energy models
  • Moving some workloads to the cloud
  • Changing working patterns and commuting
  • Extending device refresh cycles

If you want to make the analysis easier for your audience to understand, we’ll also give you the figures in graphical form, using simple metrics that are familiar to everyone, like car miles travelled or acres of forest needed to remove the pollution.

You can also be reassured that we are fully independent specialists, using analytical tools and science-based measurements developed during our PhD research with Warwick University and Warwick Business School.

Your journey to Net Zero needs to start soon – so begin with a clear understanding of where you are today and which changes will have the biggest impact.

Want to find out more? – simply fill in our contact form and we’ll arrange a suitable time for an online demonstration of our Net Zero roadmap planning and modelling service.

About the Author: Ewen Anderson BSc, MMS (Dip), CIO @ Px3

Ewen is CIO of Px3, a company on a mission to help organisations balance people, planet and productivity by promoting sustainable IT strategies.  Px3 has set itself the goal of removing the CO2 emissions equivalent of 100,000 cars from our atmosphere by 2050. With a background in psychology, management services, consultancy and enterprise IT, Ewen is a passionate believer that the right technology used in the right way can significantly reduce environmental impacts, engage users and improve productivity.

Ewen (LinkedIn Profile) can be contacted at ewen@px3.org.uk

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