An icon for our times? Why Professor Pat Pending is Px3’s All-Time Cartoon hero.

Taking a lighter note, we consider the remarkable talents of our favourite cartoon hero, Professor Pat Pending from Wacky Races – a true icon of what science and scientists can do for us in limiting the effects of climate change.

The three “P”s in Px3 officially stand for Planet, People and Productivity.  But is there something  else they might represent?  Perhaps there is one truly appropriate alternative – Px3’s very own hero – Professor Pat Pending.   For younger readers I should explain that Prof Pending was a racing-driver scientist who drove his Convert-a-Car in the 1960s comedy cartoon series “Wacky Races”, inspired by the 1965 comedy film The Great Race.

Pat Pending used his scientific prowess to create a boat shaped vehicle which could transform into a multitude of shapes and functions.  The more sensible of these were a vehicles such as a motorbike, tandem, hot air balloon and a jet car but also included were a flying carpet on wheels, a forklift, an arrow and a bowling ball.

Like many from the genre the cartoon now fails pretty much every diversity test, not least in having an all-white cast (with possible the exception of “Little Gruesome” who for some reason was purple) and just a single female character who was naturally obsessed with applying her make-up while driving. 

So why is Professor Pat Pending such a hero to us?">Designed by brgfx / FreepikWell our 3 x ‘P’s has 3 ‘A’s we very much admire….

Appliance (of Science) – Firstly his achievements are an excellent example of applying science to overcome practical (if comic) problems.  As set out in his recent book Bill Gates stresses the need for investment in scientific innovation to help tackle climate change. While we need to approach scientific interventions to tackle climate change with care (see here for a cautionary view there is undoubtedly a requirement and role for practical, innovative climate science in our near future.

Altruism – Secondly his amazing gadgets and inventions were often used not just to boost his own speed but also to help other drivers who had fallen victim to the machinations of series villain, Dick Dastardly.  If there’s one thing the covid-19 pandemic should be teaching us it’s that the issues we face are global and that none of us are safe until all of us are safe.  Here’s a retrospective on that topic from Fijian Prime Minister and COP23 President Frank Bainimarama:

Attitude – Finally we admire his attitude and optimism.  There is no problem his ingenuity and inventiveness can’t overcome and no tricky situation he will shy away from.  Whether it’s rescuing Penelope Pitstop on his tandem or cueing boulders back through the caverns of Carlsbad, he’s up for the challenge.  In the coming years (and starting right now) we need to cultivate positive, targeted action plans to deliver on the promises and commitments already made but not delivered.  Attitude is a critical part of this, as discussed in another article:

In conclusion we’re certain the Professor would be a huge supporter of transparent reporting against science-based targets ( as a way to measure and accelerate our progress towards the winning line of the UN and IPCC goals.  And while we may not have quite his array of gadgets and gizmos, Px3 is proud to bring our own touch of science to the sustainability proceedings. 

For combining humour and technology for the good of others, we salute you Professor!

(For the record, Professor Pat Pending came first in three Wacky Races episodes; the ‘Mish-Mash Missouri Bash’, ‘Eeny, Miny Missouri Go!’ and, controversially given the topic, ‘Oils Well That Ends Well’!)

(Desert image designed by brgfx / Freepik)

About the Author: Ewen Anderson BSc, MMS (Dip), CIO @ Px3

Ewen is CIO of Px3, a company on a mission to help organisations balance people, planet and productivity by promoting sustainable IT strategies.  Px3 has set itself the goal of removing the CO2 emissions equivalent of 100,000 cars from our atmosphere by 2050. With a background in psychology, management services, consultancy and enterprise IT, Ewen is a passionate believer that the right technology used in the right way can significantly reduce environmental impacts, engage users and improve productivity.

Ewen (LinkedIn Profile) can be contacted at

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