Examining The Real Impacts of Sustainable IT – Px3’s CEO guest edits The Guardian’s My Green Pod Supplement for COP 26

One year on from the last “Time I.T. Changed” special issue, Justin Sutton-Parker of Px3 reviews both the progress and plans for the future to make IT more sustainable. From manufacturing and use to abatement strategies such as device longevity, remote working and offset programmes, the supplement draws on opinion and practical examples from some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies.

Featuring articles from Px3’s key technology customers and partners including AcerCitrixConsenna LtdGoogleHydro66 | Green Cloud Infrastructure (Northern Data), IGEL TechnologyPrime Computer Ltd. and Thoughtify Ltd, this crucial COP 26 supplement also includes opinion pieces from Cristina Figueres, UNFCCC climate champions Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir, UN patron of the oceans Lewis Pugh and climate activist Jonathan Porritt.

Justin notes in his editorial that from a brand perspective, many companies are working not just to offset the issue of greenhouse gas emissions but to actually prevent them. The special edition covers strategic initiatives such as centres powered by renewable energy, recycled plastic laptops, second-use cardboard packaging, low-energy devices and remote working. All of this is hugely positive, and gives all of us the opportunity to take advantage of these innovative approaches to deliver a more sustainable future.

“Computing generates 2.3% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to raw material mining, manufacturing, distribution, electricity consumption and recycling. If somebody said, ‘we only have 50 things to address to save the world’, computing would need to be given a place on that list.”

Justin Sutton-Parker, November 2021

The wide-range of thought-proving topics in this edition cover vital subjects including:

  • Five ways Citrix is helping to advance sustainability
  • How Green IT hardware from Prime Computer can save money and emissions in everyday scenarios
  • How Consenna is supporting the IT Channel will enable sustainability leadership
  • Why IGEL believe ‘displace is the new replace’ when it comes to sustainable IT
  • How Google is working with customers, partners and larger communities to drive sustainability in the tech sector
  • Sustainability strategy drives Acer’s investment and innovation in design, packaging and software
  • Thoughtify on Liberation and isolation: the mental dichotomy of remote working
  • Green gold: a fresh perspective on digital currencies from Hydro66
  • How thinking ‘Px3’ – people, planet and productivity – can help slash IT emissions

You can read the full supplement here: https://www.mygrwww.mygreenpod.com/magazine

If you want to sign up for future editions you can use this link: www.mygreenpod.com/subscribe 

We hope that you enjoy the edition and find inspiration and encouragement from the progress being made by Px3 and our customers in driving forward the vital topic of sustainable IT.

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