Calculating ICT Carbon Footprint at Lancashire County Council

Px3 Ltd conducts ICT carbon footprint analysis at one of the UK’s largest local councils

Employing over 35,000 staff, Lancashire County Council is one of the UK’s largest local councils. As such, the organisation is a major public sector ICT user. Discovering that IT is responsible for over 3% of global GHG emissions and consumes 12% of commercial electricity, the organisation became interested in driving climate action with sustainable IT strategies.

To create a baseline ICT carbon footprint report that would allow the council to plan for GHG abatement strategies such as device lifespan extension and selecting low carbon footprint devices in the future, the organisation’s IT leaders engaged Px3

Further to measuring carbon footprint data for thousands of devices from notebooks to printers to networking equipment, a comprehensive report was submitted highlighting ICT emissions hotspots and ideas for future improvement.

To enable such sustainable IT strategies, the council has since adopted the use of Px3‘s end user computing device comparison application to ensure all new devices have the lowest carbon footprint.