World 1st Application Launch: Compare Computers by Carbon Footprint

Px3 Announces the Launch of its “Dynamic Carbon Footprint” Application

New online application created by Dr. Sutton-Parker enables IT and procurement teams to confidently compare end user computing devices by carbon footprint to drive climate action & legislative compliance

Px3 used Google’s Earth Day event on the 26th April 2022 to announce the launch of a unique web-based application that allows decision makers to compare the total carbon footprint, scope 2 electricity and scope 3 supply chain emissions of new and remanufactured end user computing devices from a  wide-range of the market-leading manufacturers. Previously, this has not been possible as manufacturer product carbon footprint reports use differing methodologies to generate use-phase GHG emissions meaning the results are not comparable.

Importantly, the tool reconstructs use-phase GHG results based upon where the device is most likely to be used (e.g. country or region) and for how many years it will be kept (e.g. 1-8 years). The first of it’s kind in the world, the application is validated by science having been researched and developed by Dr. Sutton-Parker, an expert in computer science and sustainable ICT.

Already, field tested by the UK Government, the application is helping central and local government departments and councils to identify low carbon footprint computers before purchase in order to comply with the Greening Government ICT policies.

Therefore, the tool is designed to help IT and procurement teams worldwide create a short-list of devices that meet their usual selection criteria and then select the device with the lowest total carbon footprint.

Find out more and watch the ‘Selecting Low Carbon Footprint Computers’ video here