A 2nd World 1st: Px3 launches new application to estimate computer carbon footprints

Further to the world 1st launch of the Px3 End User Computing Device Carbon Footprint Comparison application for Earth Day 2022, Dr. Sutton-Parker (CEO) has researched and released a second ground breaking application.

Research shows that barriers including limited time and understanding prevent organisations from knowing where to start when considering sustainable IT strategies. 

To overcome this and enable organisations to take the first steps towards quantifying the impact of IT, Dr. Sutton-Parker has researched and developed the world’s first scientifically validated ‘End User Computing Carbon Footprint Estimator’.

Simply input how many of each device type your organisation owns, how long the devices will be kept for and what region or country they will be used in.

Analysing tens of thousands of data points via Px3‘s world leading end user computing carbon footprint database, the estimator creates reports at a device type level (e.g. notebooks, desktops, monitors etc.).

The easy to comprehend tables and graphs can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF and include data that is important to sustainable IT strategies such as:

  • Total lifespan device carbon footprint (kgCO2e)
  • Annual carbon offset values

There is no limitation on how many reports users can create whether it’s measuring company wide end user computing emissions or simply by department or country?

Using Px3 End User Computing Carbon Footprint Estimator will help you to start your journey towards realising SDG 12 ‘Responsible Consumption’ and to drive SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’ with sustainable IT.

If you are an end user organisation operating in the commercial, public or third sector, simply click the button below to request access to the Px3 End User Computing Carbon Footprint Estimator.

The application is free to use for end user organisations and each registration will be verified within a short space of time. After registering you will receive an email from Px3 to confirm verification and access.

And one last request, if you like it then please spread the word

The Px3 mission is not profit related but focused on the planet. By ensuring users can calculate their current end user computing carbon footprint, model and adopt future sustainable IT strategies, organisations all over the world are achieving on average a 40% reduction in IT GHG emissions [3, 4, 5, 6]

Together we will cumulatively abate 10,000,000 kgCO2e of GHG emissions every year via the diffusion of sustainable IT. By doing so, by 2035, carbon requiring the photosynthesis of 250,000 acres of forest will no longer enter our atmosphere. In context, that’s a forest equivalent to 3.9m tennis courts.

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