Case Study: Strawberry (formerly Nordic Choice Hotels) take climate action with sustainable IT

New Google & Px3 Ltd Case Study and Video on the Business and Sustainability Benefits of “Green IT”

The Strawberry group operates 200+ hotels in five different countries across the Nordic region. Already evaluating Chrome OS Flex and considering its use across the group, in late 2021 the company experienced a serious ransomware virus attack by criminals, rendering the affected computers encrypted and effectively unusable.

Faced with the choice of disposing of thousands of notebooks and PCs, Strawberry enlisted the help of Google to convert the estate to Chromebooks using Chrome OS Flex and carbon footprint experts Px3 Ltd to determine the GHG abatement and costs avoided by making the more sustainable choice.

Download and read the full case study by Px3 CEO Dr. Sutton-Parker at Google’s dedicated sustainable IT website

Plus watch the case study video here

“I really, really like the fact that we can use technology innovation and sustainability together. Working with the research company Px3 Ltd we have seen that over the next eight years we will save as much as 1.5 million kg of CO2e. That amounts to 2,000 acres of mature forest and saves 20% of the electricity from our computer usage.

Kjetil Neergaard, Green Tech Manager, Nordic Choice Hospitality Group