Sustainability benefits of Google ChromeOS for Digital Signage showcased at ISE Barcelona 

Research conducted by Dr. Sutton-Parker to substantiate electricity and scope 2 GHG emissions reduction achieved by using Google ChromeOS devices to power digital signage was used as the foundation for sustainability messaging during ISE Barcelona, the largest AV show in the world. According to attendees, even the King of Spain was impressed with the results!

The research compares the GHG impact of using Chromeboxes, Windows 11 Intel NUC devices and NUC devices converted to use ChromeOS Flex.

The Windows 11 NUC micro form factor desktop computer consumed significantly more electricity than the Chromebox when operating digital signage – 39% more in a business/education and 42% more retail environment. When the device was converted to run the ChromeOS Flex operating system the difference
was still significant. In the Windows 11 configuration it 16% more in a business/education and 21% more retail environment, indicating that the operating system and device design and components have important impacts.

Calculating the impact of one hundred devices over five years indicates a saving in the retail use case of 1,052 kgCO2e for Chromeboxes and 727 kgCO2e for the use of ChromeOS Flex.

Conversion to ChromeOS Flex also enables the lifespan of devices to be extended, reducing the annualised supply chain emissions. Extending the lifespan of the hundred devices by three years would typically abate a total of 4,200 kgCO2e. This is equivalent to preventing emissions caused by driving a petrol car for over
15,295 miles.

Calculated over five years, using Chromeboxes reduced energy costs by as much as £2,647 per
hundred devices. Using ChromeOS Flex would save £1,830 in energy costs over the same period. Extending the device life, and delaying the refresh cycle of existing Windows devices, by 36 months reduced device capital expenditure by 37%. For one hundred devices the additional saving in procurement costs by transitioning to ChromeOS Flex is calculated at around £9,000.

The full report and infographic can be accessed by contacting

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