Earth Day 2023: Climate Action Through IT

Px3 Article Featured in My Green Pod Magazine – Earth Day 2023

Recognising the role Earth Day has played since 1970 in raising awareness about environmental issues, the latest issue of the world leading ethics and sustainability magazine ‘My Green Pod’ covers a wide range of topics that can help to build a more sustainable future.

Included in the business section of the magazine is an article by Px3‘s CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Justin Sutton Parker explaining the importance of “sustainable IT” for driving climate action. The article also provides links to a free IT carbon footprint estimation application developed by Dr. Sutton-Parker to help organisations understand their end user computing GHG emissions and a further application designed to enable procurement professionals to compare new and remanufactured devices by carbon footprint before purchasing..

Both applications are a world first and are proving popular with the free application already being used to analyse over 250,000 devices since its launch on the 17th of April 2023 and the comparison tool now used by organisations responsible for over 2m computer users. Taken together the two free tools provide a wealth of useful data and represent a significant investment of time and intellectual property by Px3 in promoting the common good and action on climate change.

As a nice counterpoint the adjacent magazine page features an advertisement by Google for their ChromeOS Flex software which offers to bring a “second life” to business devices. It was research by Dr. Sutton-Parker that first identified the energy savings offered by the solution and Px3 worked with key customer Nordic Choice to Hotels to evaluate and publicise the measurable benefits.

Dr. Sutton-Parker’s findings from the innovative research were first published in the 2022 research paper ‘Quantifying greenhouse gas abatement delivered by alternative computer operating system displacement strategies’. 1877-0509. Procedia Computer Science, Volume 203, 2022, Pages 254-263. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Science Direct, Elsevier B.V. available here:

While the Nordic Choice Hotels impact case study called, ‘Modernising and extending device lifecycles to support climate action’ can be downloaded via the Google website at:

Overall, the combination of articles covering areas as diverse as business, transport, health & beauty and consciousness make this a compelling read. Px3 is proud once again to lend our voice to this publication and its promotion of very worthwhile causes.

How Do I Get the Magazine?

The magazine can be viewed online or downloaded here:

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