3rd World 1st for Px3: New application calculates computer carbon footprints & electricity consumption

Dr. Sutton-Parker releases the 3rd application for the Px3 computer carbon footprint platform

Px3, the innovative ICT carbon footprint experts used by global tech companies such as Google and Microsoft announced its 3rd [10] world 1st application release this month. 

Created by Dr. Sutton-Parker, Px3 CEO and Research Fellow for Warwick University, the groundbreaking application is called the EUC Carbon Footprint Calculator

In a world where ICT causes 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the online application enables organisations to quickly calculate end user computing device GHG emissions, electricity consumption and costs regardless of scale.

Doing so breaks down barriers proven to prevent the adoption of sustainable IT, such as cost and time due to complexity as people realise that sustainable IT is simple to achieve and proven to reduce emissions and associated costs by an average of 40%

Being uniquely validated by science and meeting international standards, the new offering from Px3 also helps organisations to comply and respond meaningfully to sustainable IT legislation already in effect across many regions.

Dr. Sutton-Parker, Px3 CEO and Research Fellow at the University of Warwick

Find out more by watching the calculating carbon footprints video above or read more here https://px3.org.uk/applications/calculate/