Our Purpose

Px3’s purpose is to ‘Remove the greenhouse gas equivalent of 100,000 cars from the atmosphere by 2050 through the diffusion of sustainable IT’. This purpose is driven by sustainability being the principle of ensuring our actions today do not limit the range of economic, social, and environmental options open to future generations. We will achieve our purpose by helping organisations to measure, improve and track IT related GHG emissions, thus building a sustainable future. Why not adopt the Px3 purpose and be the change you want to see?

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Our People

The Px3 team is dedicated to assisting organisations to plan for and adopt sustainable information technology strategies that reduce cost, improve work life balance and most importantly, significantly reduce GHG emissions. Our co-founders have a collective 60 plus years of experience within the information and communications industry and have a life long shared passion for ecology and sustainability. Through Px3 consultancy services we will ensure that IT is brought to the forefront of ensuring organisations support Carbon Budgets.

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Our Partners

At Px3 we collaborate with a diverse ecosystem of partners that enables us to maximise our impact on reducing IT associated GHG emissions. Our smart partnerships include global IT giants, research institutes, government bodies, IT channel partners, industry collectives, and charities. Through thought leadership, sharing innovation, knowledge and capabilities we are accelerating the understanding and adoption of sustainable IT. Together with our partners Px3 is delivering positive change to Planet, People and Productivity, hence our name, Px3.

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