Px3 specialises in ecological IT consulting and services designed to reduce the environmental impact of IT.  Located in London and Warwick, we advise and assist organisations in the United Kingdom how to plan for and adopt sustainable IT strategies that reduce cost, improve staff productivity and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. With 25 years of information technology experience, we understand that great IT is essential to the success of modern businesses. We also know that great IT can be sustainable IT that will enhance People, Profit and Planet; hence our name Px3.

By helping organisations to achieve sustainable IT strategies we know that together we can reduce the unnecessarily high CO2 emissions associated with current information technology consumption. In fact, we’ve made it our company mission to remove the CO2 emissions equivalent of 100,000 cars from our atmosphere by 2050. As an example, we have already proven that for every 50 people switching to our Digital Workspace approach, one ‘carbon car’ is removed from the roads forever.

Px3 works in line with UK Government Carbon Budgets to enable companies to meet CO2 emissions reductions associated with the now mandatory UK Government carbon emissions reporting scheme relevant to over 20,000 UK businesses.  Wherever you are on your journey to understanding and embracing sustainability, Px3 would like help you to go ahead and consume IT in a way that is ethically and morally more rewarding.