Px3’s mission is to ‘Remove the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) of 100,000 cars from the United Kingdom’s atmosphere by 2050’.

We will achieve this by helping organisations to plan for and adopt sustainable IT strategies that reduce cost, improve staff productivity and most importantly, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated to information technology (IT) use.

Each client engagement includes some or all elements from our three stage consultancy portfolio, 1) Px3 ICT & Workstyle Sustainability Analysis 2) Px3 IT Sustainability Planning, Management and Awareness Services 3) Px3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Smart  Meter. All engagements have an associated CO2e measurement applied to the impact of our work. We call this the ‘Carbon Car Indicator’ or CCI.

The CCI is a ratio used to benchmark an organisation’s IT related CO2e per full time or equivalent employee. As an example, implementing a sustainable IT strategy to support 1,000 employees will remove the emissions equivalent of 152 cars from the roads annually and improve your organisation’s CCI.

Why did we select 2050 as the date to judge the success of our purpose?

The year 2050 is an important milestone because scientists have determined that 2050 will be a tipping point when anthropogenic harm to Earth’s ecosystem, such as global warming caused by excessive greenhouse gas emissions, will become irreversible. If left unabated, the impact will be catastrophic to our weather systems, to farming as soil turns to desert, to fishing as sea temperatures rise, and to habitable land as the polar ice caps melt and oceans rise.

To avoid the predicted 2050 ecological tipping point humankind is required to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to a safe level of approximately 20GtCO2e per year.

Global frameworks such as the UNFCCC and protocols including the Kyoto and Paris agreements have driven a tightening of regional and national atmospheric pollution legislation.

EU regulations and national laws such as The UK Government’s Climate Change Act and associated Carbon budgets commit to a variety of GHG emissions reduction including 80% for the UK by 2050.

As an example, legislation such as the HM Government Companies Act now determines that companies in the UK must report GHG emissions and as such Px3 can help with those reports and targets.

Information technology is both recognised as a high contributor to CO2 emissions but also noted as a future enabler for the reduction of emissions through sustainable IT and smart solutions that streamline operations. In fact, research indicates that IT can enable a 20% reduction of global CO2e emissions by 2030, holding emissions at 2015

If you are like one of the 47% of UK CIOs currently examining sustainable IT strategies then why not contact Px3 to discuss how we can help you on your journey to Green IT. Our proven practices will guide you to an improved approach to Planet, People and Productivity through lowered energy waste, increased workstyle efficiencies and reduced emissions that will count towards business emissions reporting.

Together we can can drive down the Carbon Car Indicator and reach our goal of removing the CO2 equivalent (CO2e) of 100,000 cars from the atmosphere by 2050.