The team at Px3 is dedicated to assisting organisations to plan for and adopt sustainable information and communication technology strategies that reduce cost, improve work life balance and most importantly, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our co-founders have a collective 60 plus years of experience within the information and communications industry and have a life long passion for ecology and sustainability. Through Px3 consultancy engagements we will ensure that IT is brought to the forefront of ensuring businesses help to meet national Carbon Budgets.

Ultimately, together, we will remove the CO2e emissions equivalent of 100,000 cars from our atmosphere by 2050 by promoting and delivering sustainable IT strategies.

Our Founders and Exec Team

CEO & Research Director: Justin Sutton-Parker, MBA Sustainability & Leadership  

Justin Sutton-Parker is an information technology sustainability professional with over 25 years of experience. Nearing completion of a Computer & Urban Science PhD with the University of Warwick, Justin specialises in the impact of IT on global greenhouse gas emissions.

Justin is co-founder, CEO and Director of research for Px3. He is also the sustainable information technology columnist for the UK’s leading sustainable and ethical news, products and lifestyle magazine and Guardian supplement “My Green Pod” highlighting the role IT can play in slowing global warming and tackling climate change.

As a director with Citrix, a world leader in cloud computing and flexible working, Justin conceived, designed and continues to execute the organisation’s global customer facing sustainability strategy.

A regular international sustainability speaker, published researcher, consultant and presenter, Justin set out a personal life goal and aim for Px3 to:

‘Remove the greenhouse gas equivalent of 100,000 cars from the atmosphere by 2050 through the diffusion of sustainable IT.’

Focusing on ‘4 Simple IT Sustainability Strategies’ conceived whilst completing an MBA with the University of Cumbria and the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), the GHG abatement results are measured using a cloud computing application created by Justin as part of his PhD research. Converting CO2e units to real life equivalent indicators, such as per capita vehicle equivalents, emphasises Elkington’s ‘Triple Bottom Line’ approach suggesting Planet, People, and Profit need to be acknowledged in order to gain support for sustainability. 

Email: LinkedIn:  Justin Sutton-Parker

CIO & Lead Consultant: Ewen Anderson, BSc, MIMS (Dip)

Ewen has extensive experience of setting up and managing enterprise IT services. Working initially for British Gas, his IT career started in support and progressed through regional “Head of End User Computing” to setting up and running an internal shared service for 20,000 users across two FTSE 100 companies. Having taken his skills into the external market Ewen has set up a number of well-respected IT services companies covering consultancy, managed services and specialist software development. As a consultant Ewen has worked with many of the UK’s best known private, public and Third Sector organisations.

Ewen recently completing a two year engagement as subject matter expert in End User Computing for one of the UK’s largest technology providers. 

As co-founder and CIO of Px3, his mission is to help organisations measure and reduce the carbon emissions associated with their workstyles (devices and travel) to improve sustainability. Due to his background in management and executive leadership Ewen is also keenly aware that concerns about  “people and planet” also need to be put in the context of managing cost and improving productivity.  

A regular speaker at industry events, Ewen draws on his 25 years of “C” level strategic consulting work with organisations across the private, public and third sectors together with his background in psychology, business leadership and management services

Email: LinkedIn:  Ewen Anderson