Px3’s mission is to ‘Remove the CO2 equivalent of 100,000 cars from the atmosphere by 2050’. This will be achieved by helping organisations to adopt sustainable ICT practices in order to reduce ICT related greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve this goal, Px3 must remain pragmatic and independent, whilst collaborating with a diverse ecosystem of partners to remain in step with innovation.

As an example, Px3 works with global IT software vendors and manufacturers such as Citrix, Google and Microsoft to ensure that low energy workstyle and hardware solutions are factored into our research and calculations. We work with 100% renewable energy cloud service providers to enable low carbon services. With research and academic institutes, government bodies and industry CSR collectives to ratify and promote our approach and results.

We also work in partnership with the European IT channel community offering our services to established ICT suppliers as they respond to customer sustainable and ecological ICT requirements. This approach not only broadens our touch but also enables businesses and organisations to retain established ICT supplier relationships.

In relation to charitable partnerships, Px3 offers selective pro bono sustainable IT consulting to charities seeking reductions in energy consumption costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  The work is undertaken in order to divert charitable funds to the front line rather than operational expenditure. If our recommendations are adopted, emissions are lowered and all participating parties benefit.

Px3 also donates 1% of our revenue to the environmental charity ‘1% For The Planet’. This global network of businesses, nonprofit organisations and individuals are working together for a healthy planet. To date more than £100,000,000 has been given back through a variety of projects. This charity takes positive environmental action every day, and is a cause we feel connected to.