Px3 is fundamentally an environmental research consultancy specialising in information technology. As such, our ethic is to remain independent to ensure pragmatism is applied to all of our work. However, in the spirit of UN Sustainable Development Goal #17, ‘Partnerships’, Px3 does collaborate with a diverse ecosystem of like minded partners.  

As an example, Px3 works with global IT software vendors and manufacturers such as Citrix, Google, Igel and Microsoft to ensure that low energy workstyle and hardware solutions are factored into our research and calculations. We work with 100% renewable energy cloud service providers such as Hydro66 to enable low carbon computing services. With research and academic institutes, government bodies and industry CSR collectives to ratify and promote our approach and results.

We also work in partnership with the IT channel community offering our services to established IT suppliers as they respond to customer sustainable and ecological IT requirements. This approach not only broadens our touch but also enables businesses and organisations to retain established IT supplier relationships.

Consequently, Px3 services are available in three ways. Firstly, to commercial companies and public sector organisations directly, secondly via our partners or thirdly, via the HM Government Crown Commercial Services Spark DPS Framework (RM6094).

IT vendors & value added resellers currently involved in supplying Px3 services include:

  • Citrix
  • Google
  • Igel
  • Lakeside Software
  • Cetus Solutions (UK)
  • Data Solutions (Ireland)

For further information on partnerships, please visit our contact page or speak to us directly.