The team at Px3 is dedicated to assisting organisations to plan for and adopt sustainable information and communication technology strategies that reduce cost, improve work life balance and most importantly, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our co-founders have a collective 60 plus years of experience within the information and communications industry and have a life long passion for ecology and sustainability. Through Px3 consultancy engagements we will ensure that ICT is brought to the forefront of ensuring businesses help to meet national Carbon Budgets.

Ultimately, together, we will remove the CO2e emissions equivalent of 100,000 cars from our atmosphere by 2050 by promoting and delivering sustainable ICT strategies.

A note from our Chief Research Director (MBA, Leadership & Sustainability and PhD researcher for Computer Science)

As a child, I fell in love with the great outdoors but grew up with a sense that industrialisation and mechanisation was beginning to pollute the natural beauty of our UK landscapes. Decades on, and as a technologist and businessperson, I thrive on economic and social progress, but continue to look for ethical and environmental responses to change. Having worked with government and commercial organisations to reduce data centre energy consumption and having led businesses at the forefront of efficient cloud transformation I have a passion to use ICT to turn back the clock on greenhouse gas emissions. Why adopt a sustainable ICT strategy? The short answer is that sustainable ICT will benefit all aspects of an organisation’s ‘Triple Bottom Line’. Sustainable ICT strategies deliver gains in Productivity due to lowered ICT costs and increased productivity, gains to People as they benefit from flexible work-life balance and a circular economy, and importantly gains to the Planet as CO2e emissions and hazardous waste levels are reduced. Surely, it’s a good thing to go ahead and consume ICT in a way that is financially, ethically and morally more rewarding? That’s why we called our consultancy practice Px3 – Planet, People and Productivity.’ 

A note from our Chief Information Officer, Ewen Anderson (BSc Hons, Psychology)

IMG_2752 (2)‘With a degree in psychology and a background in management services I have a very strong focus on people, their productivity and efficiency. I started my career in management services and realised the potential of the personal computing revolution to transform productivity. I moved into corporate IT in the 1990s, ultimately designing and running a managed “desktop” service for 20,000 users across two FTSE 100 organisations. I subsequently founded my own consultancy business and have spent the last 20+ years working as a strategic advisor to organisations ranging from SME up to the largest private sector, public sector and not for profit organisations. My focus has always been to recommend a solution which balances cost and complexity, but most importantly is able to meet the organisation’s strategic goals. I believe it is time that every organisation set itself challenging goals around sustainability, because the consequences of failing to do so will be felt not just by us, but by every succeeding generation. I also believe that IT has a vital role to play, not only in being “green” in its own right, but by enabling the work force to work flexibly and reduce the costs (financial and environmental) of workplaces and travel. The good news is that the latest generation of IT solutions, in particular cloud, offer the opportunity to deliver exactly what is needed, wherever it is needed, without waste or excessive energy consumption, through on-demand services. Our practice has been created with the intention of helping organisations realise the potential to make substantial reductions in energy use and waste, while at the same time bringing the cost benefits of a more flexible, dynamic way of delivering IT.’

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