Px3’s purpose is to ‘Remove the greenhouse gas equivalent of 100,000 cars from the atmosphere by 2050 through the diffusion of sustainable IT’.

This purpose is driven by sustainability being the principle of ensuring our actions today do not limit the range of economic, social, and environmental options open to future generations.

We will achieve our purpose by helping organisations to measure, improve and track IT related GHG emissions, thus building a sustainable future.

Each customer engagement includes some or all elements from our three stage consulting portfolio. Through our work, Px3 is able to create a per capita CO2e equivalent benchmark for each organisation. We call this the ‘Employee Vehicle Equivalent’ ratio, or EVE for short.

Using this data we can measure an organisation’s annual IT related GHG reduction performance in real life car emissions equivalent.

As an example, Px3 recently measured a local government organisation for IT related GHG emissions in a before and after scenario. Further to the implementation of sustainable IT strategies, the organisation has reduced IT related GHG emissions equal to 645 cars driving each year on our roads. And as such, this change in behaviour represents another large step towards our shared purpose.

Why did Px3 select 2050 as the date to judge the success of our purpose?

The year 2050 is key for two reasons. Firstly, the UK and many other governments have targeted this year to achieve net zero emissions. This goal can only be achieved by emissions being balanced with schemes to offset an equivalent amount of GHG from the atmosphere. This will include planting trees, or using technology like carbon capture and storage.

At Px3, we believe that if we do everything in our power to abate GHG emissions ahead of 2050, then the ability to offset to net zero will become ever more achievable.

Secondly, 2050 is an important milestone when scientists have determined that global warming may become irreversible due to GHG saturation. This impact, even at +2°C will be catastrophic to our way of life.

Consequently, to help bridge the current gap in GHG abatement and avoid this scenario, Px3 is supporting the United Nations call to action to:

‘Combine existing technology innovation with behavioural changes and new technology to transform societies and reduce their GHG emissions’

Why not help us, to help you, to help the planet?

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