New Px3 Tool Already Calculating the Carbon Footprint of 50k Devices per Day

Free ITCFTM tool launched in April 2023 sees rapid adoption across private, public and third sectors

Our free tool for calculating the carbon footprint of end user computing is already evaluating an average of 50k devices per day, just a few weeks after its launch. We’ve got local and central government, universities, charities, enterprise and SME customers all using it to calculate their emissions and help to factor IT into their carbon reduction plans. So why not give it a try?
You can read more about it in the Px3 Ltd blog post or register to use it here:
Please note that the online app is only for end user organisations / businesses to help with the adoption of sustainable IT. You will need a valid business / public sector email address to register. If you try the tool and find it useful please tell others! We want as many organisations as possible to realise the impact of #euc devices and how keeping them for longer periods can help drive #climateaction.

Px3 Research into Windows 365 Published by Microsoft – 7th April 2023

New research examines the sustainability implications of cloud-b

Px3 CEO to Deliver “Green IT for Schools” Webinar with Acer

Future Classrooms Lab “Driving Climate Action in your schools with Green IT” will air 18th April 2023

Tackling the topic of “Framing sustainability, barriers and challenges, climate change initiatives for schools”, Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker of Px3 will be presenting a webinar for the Future Classrooms Lab on how to reduce the environmental footprint of IT in schools.

The webinar, organised in collaboration with Acer, discusses how IT is uniquely placed to help tackle climate change, the adoption and acceleration of responsible IT consumption and production in the education sector, and the latest innovations in green IT product design and bespoke programs for schools.

More details and registration a link for registration are available here.

DCF Tool Featured in Warwick University 2023 “Green Action Week”

Px3 Dynamic Carbon Footprint tool listed among Quick Wins for Reducing Energy Usage

Green Action Week is an annual partnership between the University of Warwick, Coventry University, the Student Unions and students, celebrating the environment. It promotes sustainability in our day-to-day lives and showcases achievements and projects and Small Acts that together will make a big difference. Px3 is delighted to have our Dynamic Carbon Footprint (DCF) tool featured by the event, encouraging public sector and not for profit employees to use it to choose devices with the lowest overall carbon footprint.

More details and links to register for a free DCF user account (public sector and charities only) are available here.

Px3 Deliver Session with Google at Travis Perkins “One Team” IT Event

Top Gun themed event at Sywell Aerodrome Tuesday, 6th March, 2023

Sywell Aerodrome in Northants was the rather chilly setting for an all day conference for the Travis Perkins IT team. Px3 were delighted to be invited by Google to present on “Building the Business Case for Sustainable IT”. The session went through the underlying issues and the economic and environmental implications of switching to more sustainable products and solutions. A great opportunity to find out more about this innovative and market-leading organisation and learn more about their strategy and commitment to sustainability.

Px3 CEO to Present Keynote at “What is Sustainable IT?”

Arrow event scheduled for Tuesday, 7th Feb 2023 @ 13:30, Events at No. 6, London

Join Arrow, Px3 CEO Dr. Sutton-Parker and key sponsors to gain insights on how both companies and individuals can be more sustainable when it comes to IT. Be a part of the conversation on how your organization can leave a greener footprint and unleash the potential of smart technologies to drive environmental innovations and improve sustainability performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of a more sustainable future

More details and registration are available here.

December 2022 Newsletter Published

Latest edition features new projects, case studies, partnerships and events.

Our latest newsletter is now available online. You can view the content here.

My Green Business COP 27 “scope 3” Podcast Features Px3‘s CEO

Panel discussion hosted by My Green Pod features Px3 along with NatWest, Fujitsu, and Business in the Community.

Recognising the importance of reporting and reducing scope 3 emissions, the latest podcast from My Green Pod is focussed on this vital topic. Chief scientist and CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker unpicks the issues and options to reduce emissions, including the impact of our recent work with the UK government and launch of the Dynamic Carbon Footprint tool.

You can view the recording of the webinar of the panel discussion here.

Px3 Research Features in UK’s “Greening Government” Report

Annual report sets out the progress made in making digital services and technologies in government more sustainable, published 14th November 2022

As the lead government department for sustainable information and communications technology (ICT), the Greening Government ICT report is published annually by Defra.

The report is compiled using data supplied by HMG Sustainable Technology Advice and Reporting (STAR) team, which ensures that government ICT services are designed, delivered and operated with sustainable principles at their core. This includes procurement choices (which cover not just the origin of equipment but how it’s transported, packaged and whether it can be reused or recycled when no longer required).

Data supplied by PX3‘s chief scientist and CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker is included as an appendix, giving an insight into scope 3 emissions across central government for the first time. The data is analysed by source, includes supply chain emissions (kgC02e) tangible analogies (car miles) and feasible abatement (%).

Commenting on the research, the UK Government & Public Sector Head of Sustainable Digital & ICT, DEFRA said:

STAR pioneers, and is responsible for the reduction of the government’s ICT carbon footprint. This is especially important within the supply chain when the majority of environmental impact occurs. Having access to never previously available scope 3 data is essential to evolving our policies, procurement practices, accurate government reporting and ensuring our technology partners focus on low carbon footprint production and supply.

The full DEFRA Greening Government ICT report can be found here.

Px3 CEO to Deliver Keynote at Arrow’s “What is Sustainable IT?” Event

Event in on the 5th October 2022 will feature major global “tech” companies

Px3 is delighted that CEO Justin Sutton-Parker has been invited to deliver the keynote for the Arrow Electronics ‘What is Sustainable IT?’ event in London on 5th October 2022. In the session Justin will outline why IT is vital to building a sustainable future and how organisations can drive climate action with relative ease and maximum impact by adopting green IT strategies. The event will feature a selection of global IT manufacturers and vendors including Citrix Amazon Web Services (AWS) Dell Technologies VMware and Veritas Technologies LLC.

The registration page for the event can be found here.

New Video Case Study and Px3 Research Marks the Launch of Chrome Flex OS

14th July 2022 saw Google launch general availability of its Chrome OS Flex operating system promising to “Modernize your PCs and Macs with the cloud-first, fast, easy-to-manage, and secure operating system”.

To illustrate the benefits, including cost savings, improved security and huge sustainability gains, Google also released the new case study from Nordic Choice Hotels, which features the in-depth research carried out by Px3. “We’re actually making a real difference to the world we’re living in”. Kari Anna Fiskvik, VP of Technology, Nordic Choice Hospitality Group

The blog post also references published research by Px3‘s CEO to provide the science behind the sustainability metrics (Sutton-Parker, J. (2022), ‘Quantifying greenhouse gas abatement delivered by alternative computer operating system displacement strategies’. 1877-0509. Procedia Computer Science. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Science Direct, Elsevier B.V.).

Watch the case study video here and read all about Chrome OS Flex here.

Customers Begin to see the Benefits of the New “Dynamic Carbon Footprint” Tool

Initial responses from customers testing Px3‘s new procurement tool indicate a strong role for the cloud service in carbon footprint analysis

A limited number of early adopters have been given access to the Px3 Dynamic Carbon Footprint tool. The tool, which will be made available free of charge to public sector and not for profit organisations, provides total lifecycle carbon footprint information on a range of ICT devices.

Kjetil Berg Neergaard, Green Tech Manager at Nordic Choice Hospitality Group commented: “We’re already using the Px3 Dynamic Carbon Footprint tool and it is golden. So far it seems they have included more or less exactly the filtering options that makes sense, which is great! The ability to select region of use – which I imagine is a major USP for the tool – is particularly useful. As far as I know there’s nothing like it out there and as the list of devices grows I can’t imagine why companies would go anywhere else to get CO2e information for their hardware inventory and purchasing decisions.” 

Access is currently on an invitation-only basis while testing is concluded, but the website is available here:

Video of Google’s Earth Day Event Released

Summary of the event in April 2022 gives highlights of the speakers, content and issues covered

A short video capturing the highlights of the Google Earth Day event, including the session from Px3 CEO Justin Sutton-Parker. You can view it on YouTube here.

Px3 Invited to Participate in Sustainable IT Panel Discussion

Event on the 12th July in Whitehall brings expert suppliers together with project, department, strategy and policy leaders from across the public sector.

Now in its 11th year, the Public Sector Show brings together commercial leaders, decision-makers and innovators from across the breadth of the public sector to showcase how different organisations are improving public service delivery, efficiency and value for money. 

Together with public sector customers, Px3 will be taking part in a panel discussion on sustainable IT, hosted by Google.

More details about the event can be found here.

Q2 Newsletter Released

Featuring all the latest news from Px3, including case studies and a “world first” announcement, our latest newsletter is available here

Px3 Announces the Launch of its “Dynamic Carbon Footprint” Tool

New procurement tool will be free to use for public sector and not for profit organisations, creating a level playing field for carbon footprint analysis

Px3 used Google’s Earth Day event on the 26th April 2022 to announce their development of a web-based tool that allows decision makes to compare the total carbon footprint of end user computing devices from a  wide-range of the market-leading manufacturers.

Importantly, the tool is 100% independent and uses only the published data from the manufacturers themselves.  The crucial difference (and Px3’s second world first after it launched analysis of “use phase” emissions), is that the data is dynamically tuned to match the organisational profile set by the user.  As an example, if the organisation plans to keep the device for five years and mostly operates out of the Nordics, these settings are simple to apply and all the data adjusts accordingly.

Ultimately, the tool is designed to help IT procurement teams worldwide create a short-list of devices that meet their selection criteria with a focus on selecting the ones which have the lowest total carbon footprint.

Read more in our Blog Post

Px3 Co-Present Session at Igel Disrupt UK 2022
19th May, 30 Euston Square, London

Px3 is proud to be presenting a session at on Sustainable IT at Disrupt UK with Igel’s Ben Ward. The EUC focussed event draws customers and vendors from a wide range of organisations for a mix of technical deep-dive, thought-leadership and innovation.

More details here:

Three Sustainability Sessions Scheduled at Google’s Paddington Offices
Px3 Invited to Present at sessions to Chrome Customers and Channel Partners

April is set to be a busy month for sustainability events, including no less than three at Goggle’s Paddington offices. We’re delighted to be partnering with Google and CTS (on the 5th April) and TechData (7th April) as well as presenting sessions with the Chrome Team and customers at the Earth Day event (26th April).

Px3 Features as a “Green Pioneer” of 2021
Digital Technology award recognises technology sector influence

Reviewing the category award-winners from last November’s event, a special section in this month’s “My Green Pod” digital magazine provides a profile of the companies recognised as leading their fields. As the winner of the Digital Technology award Px3 is recognised as “an independent, specialist consultancy providing sustainability assessments to companies seeking to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their IT and commuting.”

Prime Computer’s Fanless Desktop Analysed
Px3‘s research into the PrimeMini 5 desktop features in their latest blog post

Prime Computer specifically design their desktops and servers without fans to use less energy. The efficiency and potential impact of PrimeMini5 desktops were analysed by our research team led Px3 CEO and Chief Scientist, Justin Sutton-Parker. The results of the independent testing and analysis feature in the latest Prime Computer blog post.

You can read the Prime Computer blogpost here.

Sustainability Starts Locally for Kingston and Sutton Councils
How Px3 is helping to drive public sector sustainability

Px3‘s sustainability analysis work with Kingston & Sutton councils, Google, Acer and Citrix has been recognised in a global case study blog and video created by Google. View the case study video on YouTube here and read the full Google blog post here.

Latest Px3 Newsletter Issued

The December 2021 edition of the Px3 newsletter is now available here.

Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker, Px3 CEO & Research Director, Guest Edits “Sustainable IT” Supplement for My Green Pod & The Guardian
Special edition of the supplement issued to coincide with COP 26

In a special edition for #cop26 and one year on from the original “Time I.T. Changed” special issue, Px3 Ltd‘s Justin Sutton-Parker reviews both the progress and plans for the future to make IT more sustainable in this latest supplement for The Guardian

You can read the full edition including the Sustainable IT magazine here:
This edition draws on opinion and practical examples from some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, featuring articles from Px3’s key technology customers and partners including AcerCitrixConsenna LtdGoogleHydro66 | Green Cloud Infrastructure | Green Cloud Infrastructure (Northern Data), IGEL TechnologyPrime Computer Ltd. and Thoughtify Ltd.
This crucial COP 26 supplement also includes opinion pieces from Cristina Figueres, UNFCCC climate champions Nigel
Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir, UN patron of the oceans Lewis Pugh and climate activist Jonathan Porritt.
Sign up for future editions here: 

Px3 Announced as Winners in the Digital Technology Category at the P.E.A. (People, Environment, Achievement) Awards
22nd October 2021

Science-based approach and work with major technology companies recognised at leading sustainability event

Px3’s innovative work with major technology companies and their customers was recognised at the P.E.A. (People, Environment, Achievement) Awards on the 22nd October with a win in the Digital Technology category. Now in its 11th year, the P.E.A. Awards is the UK’s leading sustainability awards, honouring the individuals and teams behind the products, services and businesses that are changing the face of the planet. More information here:

MoD’s Digital Sustainability Team invite Px3 to deliver a “Byte Size” talk
11th November 2021

UK’s Defence Digital Launches a Series of Talks to coincide with the COP 26 in Glasgow

To coincide with COP26, the global talks in Glasgow on climate change, MOD’s digital sustainability team will be hosting a series of short talks by experts pioneering new approaches to sustainability. As part of the series, Px3 has been invited to present a session on IT Sustainability, with CIO Ewen Anderson being interviewed by Grant Morley, MSc MBA, Climate Change and Sustainability Lead, Defence Digital, Strategic Command.

Oct / Nov 2021: Px3 on the Panel for “The Climate Conversation: Why COP26 is just the beginning” Hosted by Reset Connect

Is the world now at such a critical juncture that COP26 has become a pointless exercise in ‘greenwashing’?

As part of their commentary around COP 26, Reset Connect and My Green Pod have teamed up to host an exclusive 3-part series to honestly and boldly tackle the critical realities of climate change, and what political inertia and dithering means for our planet. Px3 will join the panel examining the considerable leadership global industry and business will have to embrace if we are to force significant changes, to reshape the way billions of people on this planet currently live, consume, pollute and waste.

Can business boldly step up where politicians fail, and deliver the radical changes we need to tackle the climate emergency? It’s a series of events that will grasp the thorny realities facing all of us, will have honest conversations, and forge tangible pathways to identify effective action that everyone can embrace – today.

More information about the seminar series is available here.

7th Oct 2021: Px3 Shortlisted for the P.E.A. Business Sustainability Awards

Innovative approach to measuring and reducing carbon emissions from IT recognised in the Digital Technology category

Now in its 11th year, the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards is the UK’s leading sustainability awards, honouring the individuals and teams behind the products, services and businesses that are changing the face of our planet.

Previous winners include Juliet Davenport OBE, Cat Fletcher, Polly Higgins and many other amazing Earth ambassadors who are committed to revolutionising old models and systems.

Across sectors ranging from finance and energy to music and art, the P.E.A. Awards identifies and celebrates the green heroes who are taking matters into their own hands and providing inspiring alternatives to business as usual.

More information about the awards is available here.

9th Sept 2021: Published Research: Measuring the Environmental Impact of “New Normal”

How Hybrid Working saved nearly 2 tonnes of CO2e per person

The latest international research by Px3 CEO Dr. Justin Sutton Parker examines the detailed travel and work patterns of one international technology company, analysing the responses from 815 employees across 24 countries. The paper, published as part of the 11th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology 2021, has important implications for sustainability and carbon-zero strategies, highlighting the positive impact that flexible working has already had on the greenhouse gas emissions and proposing some simple changes to build on the momentum.

Read the blog post here and access the full article here.

26th July 2021: Px3’s Analysis Recognised in Citrix’s Kingston & Sutton Case Study

A new case study by Citrix reports that Kingston and Sutton Councils have improved their IT energy efficiency by one third by using a combination of Citrix, Acer and Google technologies. It also recognises the sustainability analytics provided by Px3 and notes the farsighted IT strategy which ensures business continuity and large energy savings.

Read the Citrix case study here.

16th June 2021: Px3 shortlisted for “Sustainable IT Project of the Year”

Px3’s emissions analysis project for Kingston and Sutton Councils has been shortlisted for the Sustainable IT Project of the Year at CRN’s inaugural Tech Impact Awards. One of four projects selected in the category, the project highlighted how strategy and procurement decisions can be “green” and cost-effective as well as supporting organisations in times of significant change and disruption. The case study is available here and more details about the awards and finalists are available here

12th May 2021: Device Milestone Reached

Px3 Device emissions analysis exceeds 600,000

Recent projects for central government, manufacturing and not-for profit clients have seen a significant increase in the number of devices reported under Px3’s emissions analysis. With sustainability once again firmly at the top of the news agenda, we take a moment to recognise passing a significant milestone on our sustainability journey. More details….

23rd April 2021: Google’s Earth Day Blog

More Earth Day coverage as Dr. Justin Sutton Parker’s research is featured by Google in their Chrome OS blog. The piece highlights the findings of our sustainability work with Kingston & Sutton councils.

Read the full Google blog post here

21st April 2021: Live Together Longer – why human-machine symbiosis could save the planet

“When you celebrate Earth Day 2021 contemplate your human-machine symbiosis. Think about all the EUC devices of old and those devices you have begun to covet for the future. Take a moment and simply think, ‘Is my machine really at the end of its life or can we live together for a while longer?”

Px3’s CEO Dr. Justin Sutton Parker takes a philosophical and practical look at device sustainability in a guest blog for Igel in the run up to Earth Day. Read the full blog post here

April 2021: Article – Plan I.T. for the Planet

Px3’s CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker is featured in the Guardian’s eco supplement exploring how a ‘new normal’ in work styles could support the planet.

“What was evident was the fact that over 600 people had stopped driving their combustion engine cars an average of 71km per day to visit the office. In fact, for this one company,  a total of 4.3 million commuting miles simply didn’t happen in 2020 due to the pandemic.”

Read the whole supplement here

10th February 2021: Citrix Sustainability Webinar

News Update: View the webinar, available on-demand from the Citrix website.

Px3 is delighted to be the host for a discussion about IT sustainability with key customers and innovative vendors in an upcoming Citrix webinar on sustainability in local government.

This session will provide both examples and practical steps for how you accelerate your journey towards IT sustainability.

Px3 will be joined by two guest speakers from Kingston and Sutton Councils; David Grasty, Corporate Head of Digital Transformation for the Digital & IT Service and Jason Sam-Fat, Digital and IT Commercial Manager, together with Michael Wheeler-Wyatt, EMEA Head of Chrome/Android at Google and Chris Oldham, Head of Citrix Public Sector.

November 23rd 2020: Latest Px3 Case Study Published featuring Kingston and Sutton Councils

A look at how a combination of solutions from Citrix, Google and Acer helped two councils address their major strategic challenges and how Px3 helped them to quantify the environmental benefits.

Jason Sam-Fat, Commercial Manager for the Shared Digital Service at Kingston and Sutton, commented: “We presented the findings at our last climate emergency meeting.  It was the first time we’d had such detailed information about our carbon footprint and it was really good that IT had significantly more information about emissions than any other department and a clear roadmap for the future.”

Read the full case study here: Kingston and Sutton Case Study

October 21st 2020: Px3 Research Features in Raconteur’s “Climate Change 2020” report, printed in The Times

Raconteur’s Climate Change special report, published in The Times, explores innovative ways to offset carbon emissions and the environmental cost of going digital. Research and comment from Px3’s CEO, Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker is featured in the section “Counting the true cost of going digital“.

The report can be read online here or the full digital copy can be downloaded from here.

October 2020: Px3 Feature in My Green Pod’s Ethical Shopping Magazine

Distributed with The Guardian Newspaper, My Green Pod is their quarterly Green and Ethical supplement. October’s edition features a review of Cloud Ready (now a Google product) by Px3’s CIO Ewen Anderson.

Read the supplement and article here

September 18th 2020: Justin Sutton-Parker’s article features on the website for the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) for Data Centres

Justin’s article for My Green Pod includes the following quote from Susanna Kass of the SDG: ‘ Do not do the status quo. Ensure that stakeholders rethink social responsibility when building data centres and embrace circular economy values to harmonise with the community it serves. Key attributes
must include clean location-based energy and a focus on waste and
cost efficiency to support the success of new businesses.’
SUSANNA KASS, data centre advisor to UN SDG Program and member of Climate 50

Read the full article posted by the SDG for Data Centres here.

September 16th 2020: Justin Sutton Parker of Px3 is Guest Editor for the Guardian’s Eco Supplement

Px3’s CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker is the guest editor for the Guardian’s quarterly eco supplement. This edition, “Time IT Changed” is focused on ways to make our work lives greener. Justin presents thought-provoking articles on sustainability from leading specialists in IT, academia, and energy, plus thoughts and opinion from Justin himself. Great to see so many partners involved in raising awareness about the impact of work on the planet and what to do about it. Get your copy here:

A selection of articles authored and co-authored by Px3’s CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker from the Guardian’s quarterly eco supplement on 16th September 2020 at

Editorial: An introduction and welcome to the IT Edition of My Green Pod
All About Eve: A personal view on individual responsibility from Justin
Why UK Business Needs Sustainable IT: A Perspective on achieving Net Zero by 2050: (jointly with Frederik Dahlmann, Associate Professor of Strategy & Sustainability at Warwick Business School)
Cloud Computing Gives a Dam(n): Can Public Cloud be Truly Green? (jointly with Rob Procter, Professor of Social Informatics in the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick)
Working from Home: The role of Analytics in the New Ways of Working

September 2nd 2020:  Px3 Appointed to the Crown Commercial Service “Spark” Innovation Marketplace

Px3 has been appointed as an approved supplier under the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) “Spark” Technology Innovation Marketplace.

Spark was launched by the CCS as a new marketplace for innovation, providing a smarter way for public sector customers to access the very latest technologies.  It is designed to support cutting edge products and markets that aren’t catered for in traditional commercial agreements.

Px3 joins a small but growing list of specialist suppliers who have been approved as offering innovative and disruptive goods and services, adding their unique sustainability assessments to the other solutions on the framework such as AI, the Internet of Things and wearable technology.

Spark is a dynamic purchasing system which enables customers to use new but proven technologies which can drive public service innovation and cost-savings across the public sector.

At the launch Niall Quinn, Technology Pillar Director at CCS, said: “Spark is the result of a wide-ranging review into how the public sector adopts new technologies. It has been developed to support SMEs through government buying power while stimulating growth in the UK technology sector.

Px3 said: “We are delighted to feature in this innovative and dynamic marketplace.  Our solution is offers customers an easy way to improve their sustainability by bench marking, visualising and then reducing their Scope 2 and 3 CO2e emissions from ICT and work-based travel.  Making this easier for public sector organisations to access is good for them, for us and for the planet.”

Px3 is on a mission to remove GHG emissions equivalent to those of 100,000 cars per annum from the environment by 2050.

More information about Px3 is available at, while information about the Spark Marketplace can be found at

September 2020: Px3 CEO selected to Guest Edit Guardian “Eco” Supplement

Editor for The Guardian’s eco supplement “My Green Pod” this month will be Px3 founder and CEO, Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker. A special edition focused on sustainability from an IT perspective, the supplement will present thought-provoking articles from leading vendors, academics and Justin himself.

August 2020 – Px3 Research Papers Published at the International Sustainable Energy Conference

Contributing to The 10th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT) August 9-12, 2020, Leuven, Belgium, our CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker has two research papers included in proceedings and published by Elsevier.

Appearing in the international Procedia Computer Science journal, Justin’s papers, ‘Determining end user computing device Scope 2 GHG emissions with accurate use phase energy consumption measurement,’ and ‘Quantifying resistance to the diffusion of information technology sustainability practices in United Kingdom service sector,’ examine the impact of correctly measuring IT related GHG emissions and factors that may slow the diffusion of sustainable IT.

The 10th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT-2020) aims to bring together academia, industry, research scholars, business entrepreneurs, practitioners, managers, and policy makers responsible for delivering advanced sustainable energy solutions for competitive advantage and cost savings in modern industrial and business sectors. The conference will act as a platform for the dissemination of current technologies in intelligent sustainable energy, as well as act as a forum for the strategic next steps in smart grid adaptation.

JULY 14th 2020 – Webinar: Why Sustainable IT?

PX3’s CEO Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker will be presenting “Why Sustainable IT” live to the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners at 4pm on the 14th July 2020.

Justin discusses the impact of IT on global GHG emissions. Framing detailed research and translating this into how 4 Simple IT Sustainability Strategies plus innovative quantification can help you to build a sustainability strategy that will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately support the fight against climate change.

This webinar has now finished but you can view a recording here: Watch Recording

APRIL 7th 2020 – Webinar: Tackling Existential Business Threats – Strategies to support Business Continuity and Sustainability

Join Px3 and 6 Degrees on this highly topical webinar where we will examine the various threats to business continuity and sustainability and discuss how to:

  • Improve business continuity
  • Protect your organisation’s bottom-line
  • Support productivity
  • Meet sustainability objectives

Location: Webinar, 11:00 (GMT)


FEBRUARY 25th 2020 – Workplace Sustainability Event
The Imperial War Museum North, Manchester

Jointly with Citrix and Cetus, Px3 presents an overview of the sustainability challenges facing organisations today, together with practical steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of ICT and work travel on our planet.

Agenda covers:

  • Sustainability – A Global and Historical Perspective
  • The Science of Climate Change & Emissions Calculation
  • Tackling Sustainability
    • People & Process
    • Devices, Datacentres & Cloud
    • Travel, Workspaces & Productivity
  • Action Plan for 2020 and beyond

Timing: 09:00 – 12:00, Breakfast refreshments and lunch provided

Register here: Event Registration

JANUARY 30th 2020 – Improving Workplace Sustainability, Commissioner’s Network Event – Guildhall, The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

PX3 presents, ‘Improving Workplace Sustainability’ to the Commissioner’s Network, positioning how sustainable IT choices and flexible working adoption can help support UK greenhouse gas abatement targets, Greening ICT policies and the borough’s climate emergency actions.

Presentation discussion points:

  • Climatology 101
  • Information Technology and Commuting Carbon Footprint
  • Sustainable Workplace IT and Commuting Actions

DECEMBER 5th 2019 Danish Sustainability Round Table @ Restaurant Address, Tuborg Havnepark, Hellerup, Denmark.

In conjunction with Citrix, the event presents and debates the case for ‘Sustainable Information Technology’ with Danish business leaders and government representatives to position how workplace sustainability can help to contribute to Denmark’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and climate change actions.

Presenter: Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker

Presentation discussion points:

  • Bridging the GHG emissions reduction gap with technology
  • Zero emissions cloud computing
  • Reducing GHG emissions with flexible working
  • Can true BYOD enable low energy device choices?