January 30th 2020 The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Commissioner’s Network, Guildhall 2, 2 High Street, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom, KT1 1EU.

PX3 presents, ‘Improving Workplace Sustainability’ to the Commissioner’s Network, positioning how sustainable IT choices and flexible working adoption can help support UK greenhouse gas abatement targets, Greening ICT policies and the borough’s climate emergency actions.

Presentation discussion points:

  • Climatology 101
  • Information Technology and Commuting Carbon Footprint
  • Sustainable Workplace IT and Commuting Actions


January 20th 2020 Government ICT, Queen Elizabeth II Centre Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, United Kingdom SW1P 3EE.

PX3 presents, ‘Measuring IT and Commuting GHG Emissions’ during the plenary sessions at the annual Government ICT event in London. The audience includes executives and leaders from Central Government, Local Authorities, Non-Departmental Public Bodies, NHS and Associations.

Presentation discussion points:

  • The Impact of IT of UK GHG Abatement Targets
  • Accurate GHG measurement of IT estates
  • Information Technology and Commuting Carbon Footprint
  • Sustainable Workplace IT and Commuting Actions

Details: https://government-ict.co.uk/


December 5th 2019 Danish Sustainability Round Table @ ADDRESS restaurant, Tuborg Havnepark, Hellerup, Denmark.

In conjunction with Citrix, the event presents and debates the case for ‘Sustainable Information Technology’ with Danish business leaders and government representatives to position how workplace sustainability can help to contribute to Denmark’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and climate change actions.

Presentation discussion points:

  • Bridging the GHG emissions reduction gap with technology
  • Zero emissions cloud computing
  • Reducing GHG emissions with flexible working
  • Can true BYOD enable low energy device choices? 


Justin Sutton-Parker, MBA (Sustainability) & PhD researcher (Computer Science)

Non Executive Research Director, PX3 and Channel Area Director for Citrix, an American multinational information technology company specialising in software as a service (SaaS), desktop as a service (DaaS), and cloud computing technologies. Justin leads Citrix’s northern Europe partner channel, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. With 25 years of IT experience, Justin has enjoyed a variety of roles with international technology brands including Hewlett-Packard as Managing Chief Technologist, Head of Cloud Service Provision, and Head of Global Alliances, plus software vendor Commvault and distributor Avnet. Justin holds an MBA in Sustainability and Leadership and is currently completing a PhD in human centred computer science.


December 6th 2017 Public Sector Cloud Conference @ Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester

Details and Free Registration: http://www.salford.ac.uk/onecpd/courses/public-sector-cloud

Press Release: https://www.trustmarque.com/event/public-sector-cloud-conference-6th-december-2017/

In conjunction with the University of Salford, Manchester and Trustmarque Services (part of Capita Plc) the event inspires discussion and debate among an audience of public sector leaders and experts in digital technology and IT procurement on the challenges faced in meeting the Government’s “digital by default” agenda. Public sector organisations are focusing on delivering greater efficiency, looking to cloud based solutions that offer them the chance to cut costs, streamline operations and collaborate with others for the answer. This conference looks at cloud through a closer lens, and examines every aspect of upgrading to the cloud, from strategic planning to full service migration.

How cloud workspaces can improve value and productivity in the public sector’.

Stephen Cooke, EUC Specialist, Trustmarque Services and Ewen Anderson, CIO, Px3 Ltd; will be taking to the stage to showcase best practice for public sector organisations looking to cloud solutions for increased flexibility and better value. They will discuss how agile, cloud-managed workspaces can provide improved user experience as well as driving technology adoption and new ways of working.

Presentation discussion points:

  • Using cloud workspaces to simplify transformational change
  • Improving end-user experience without compromising security
  • Enhancing productivity through mobility and flexible working
  • Transitioning to new consumption-based cost models 

The Presenters:

Ewen Anderson, CIO, Px3 Ltd

Ewen has a background in productivity and managed services and in providing independent advice on EUC strategy and ecological IT to UK public and private sector organisations.

Stephen Cooke, EUC Specialist, Trustmarque Services

Stephen has over 25 years IT experience and for the last ten years he has focused on VDI both in Public Sector and the Corporate environment.