Px3 Dynamic Carbon Footprint Additional Single User Licence


One additional user licence for the Px3 Dynamic Carbon Footprint (DCF) application. This licence is to be used in conjunction with the Px3 Dynamic Carbon Footprint device comparison application.

This licence will not offer access to the DCF application unless the product access licence  (PX3PALDCF01) has already been purchased.
Subscription is for additional one user log-in for a period of 12-months. The price excludes local taxes (such as VAT). Subscription will automatically renew after 12 months unless otherwise notified.
Access is defined by the user’s email address. If the user leaves the organisation or changes roles the user licence can be transferred to a new user with the same organisation email suffix. The original licence email address access will cease with the new user continuing to have access for the remainder of the paid period. The additional user access license will expire immediately if the DCF product licence ( PX3PALDCF01 ) expires and is not renewed.

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