Most organisations are increasingly concerned about their sustainability in general and about their carbon emissions in particular.  Government legislation, mandatory reporting, staff and stakeholder expectations and customer / citizen pressure all come into play, making measurable progress in reducing emissions essential.

Px3 seeks to help organisations through three sets of services; Reporting, Measuring and Promoting workplace sustainability:

Reporting SustainabilityWe work with organisations to help them measure (and then reduce) the carbon footprint of their IT and work-based travel.  We use a calculator, validated by PhD research with the University of Warwick, to express your emissions in a simple, easy to understand format that you can include in your reporting.  Packages range from on-line assessments through to the deployment of detailed analytics software, depending on the customers’ requirements.  All engagements are fixed-price and low-cost options are available for on-line assessments.

Measuring Sustainability – the Emissions Smart Meter – Based on our research we can provide you with a simple smart-meter view on your emissions that tracks your progress in achieving your sustainability goals.  Expressed as either cars on the road for a year, or acres of trees needed to remove the emissions, the visualisations help everyone see the issues and make contributions towards improvement.

Promoting Sustainability – Awareness and Advocacy – Customers often ask us to present sessions to staff and stakeholders, explaining the issues around sustainability and the role of different departments in tackling them.   These workshops can be particularly helpful in identifying “champions” within the organisation who can help to promote the sustainability agenda.