‘Why adopt an ecological IT strategy?’ The short answer is that ecological IT will vastly reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Beyond this, a more sustainable approach to the consumption of IT will benefit all aspects of an organisation’s ‘Triple Bottom Line’ including People, Planet and Profit. Sustainable IT strategies are proven to deliver gains to People as they enjoy a more flexible work-life balance and benefit from a circular economy, to the Planet as CO2 emissions and hazardous waste are reduced, and to Profit due to lowered IT costs, efficiency gains and increased productivity. Surely it’s a good thing to go ahead and consume IT in a way that is financially, ethically and morally more rewarding?

Wherever you are on your journey to ecological IT, Px3 services are designed to enable you to assess, plan for, and adopt sustainable IT strategies.

Our primary IT consultancy portfolio includes a 3-stage approach of 1) Px3 IT Carbon Footprint Assessment, 2) Px3 Ecological IT Road-map 3) Px3 Ecological IT Transformation.