‘Why adopt a sustainable information technology strategy?’ The short answer is that sustainable IT will reduce your company’s carbon footprint and improve employee engagement and productivity.

In simple terms, less energy consumption from end user computing devices and data centres means less greenhouse gas emissions and lowered utility costs. More workplace flexibility means less travel emissions and improved employee experience. Whilst, informed IT equipment selection improves supply chain environmental impact.

Whilst this may be common sense, accurately measuring these focus areas is complex and often leaves organisations unable to create a clear picture of where they are today and what future IT sustainability looks like.

Fortunately Px3 has the answer. We have created a unique computer application validated by academic research to measure and monitor your IT emissions to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Based on proven analytics, internationally recognised GHG accounting protocol, our sustainable IT consulting services are designed to enable you to measure IT related CO2e emissions, plan for transformation, adopt sustainable IT strategies and monitor progress against goals.