A well planned sustainable information technology (IT) strategy will reduce carbon footprint in line with local, regional and international regulations, improve both employee work life balance and improve productivity. Looking beyond the benefits of positively addressing climate change issues, your organisation will ultimately be more financially efficient, compliant with UK law and increasingly attractive to prospective staff and customers.

Following on from a Px3 ‘ICT CO2e Emissions (ICE) Analysis & Sustainability Recommendations Report’ Px3 ‘Sustainable IT Transformation’ consulting services are the next logical step.

This project based consultative engagement enables you to utilise our consultants to project manage or consult on your organisation’s initial or full transformation to sustainable IT. Using the analytics data and recommendations captured in the ICE report, Px3 sustainability consultants can help you to plan for and guide you through the process of adopting sustainable IT.

For further information please visit our contact page and use the general inquiry facility to make a connection with a consultant.