Determining your organisation’s IT related carbon footprint is an essential first step to create a GHG emissions baseline. Being equipped with accurate values, compelling facts and recommendations enables companies to plan for improvement and set goals that will deliver success.

Sometimes, translating these environmental goals into sustainable actions can be complicated, causing inertia. Aligning focus areas such as reduced energy consumption to the correct key stakeholders and appreciating which people will respond to what initiative, can feel like an uphill battle.

Px3 research for the International Conference of Sustainable Energy IT highlights this issue. Identifying that IT sustainability actions must be designed to speak to a wider stakeholder audience and appeal to their role based interests, needs and viewpoints, the paper also notes that awareness is key to success.

To help you achieve this balance Px3 offers Strategy Design & Advocacy for IT Sustainability services as the next logical steps towards success.

IT Sustainability Strategy Design is a project based service that will create a bespoke IT sustainability strategy for your organisation that is either standalone or supports and feeds into existing or proposed Environmental, Social and Governance and Corporate and Social Responsibility strategies.

The resulting framework and project documentation will detail:

  • Environmental Mission Statement
  • IT Sustainability Goals for a 3 year period
  • Stakeholder Profiling & Responsibility allocation 
  • Defined Actions and Initiatives
  • Comprehensive Resistance Survey
  • IT Sustainable Procurement Review 
  • Awareness Programmes to overcome barriers
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Built in Review Periods
  • Ongoing coaching

As each  IT Sustainability Strategy Design engagement varies depending on the size of an organisation and the agreed statement of works, prices vary. However, as an example, the approximate cost for an organisation under 250 employees is £6,000. 

IT Sustainability Advocacy is key to the success of any environmental project or strategy. If a stakeholder group is simply unaware of the positive impact of sustainable IT practices in its many guises, then adoption will meet resistance.

Think of it this way, if a CFO is not aware of the economic benefits associated with IT sustainability, such as electricity cost reduction, they may not see sustainability as a priority.  

Equally, if a CEO focuses on the positive impact of lower GHG emissions in relation to compliance but fails to acknowledge the ability to engage with environmentally conscious employees, then an opportunity to share success will be missed.

Customers often ask us to present IT sustainability awareness sessions to staff and stakeholders, explaining the issues around sustainability and the role of different departments in tackling them. These workshops can be particularly helpful in both identifying “champions” within the organisation who can help to promote the sustainability agenda or simply reducing resistance.

Some of these sessions are conducted as part of our IT Sustainability Strategy Design service although often organisations hire Px3 consultants and executives as part of corporate training exercises, ongoing sustainability projects or simply as event speakers.

To simplify matters we offer IT Sustainability Advocacy in three options:

  • Px3 Consultant Half Day Workshop £750
  • Px3 Consultant Full Day Workshop £1,200
  • Px3 Executive Speaker £2,000

For further information please visit our contact page and use the general inquiry facility to connect with a PX3 consultant.