The Px3 Measuring & Reporting and Strategy Design & Advocacy service deliver an accurate baseline of IT related greenhouse gas emissions and a framework against which to plan future IT sustainability success. But why not visualise your historic, current and potential IT related GHG emissions with Px3 IT GHG Smart Meter App?

Available for iOS and Android the GHG Smart Meter enables you to continue to monitor progress against Carbon Budgets set as part of your sustainability strategy.

Using proven analytics the application delivers a dashboard view of monthly and annual IT related greenhouse gas emissions. Sources reported include emissions from end user computing devices such as desktops, notebooks and tablets, data centres and employee commuting workstyles.

The dynamic interface enables you to switch between GHG sources and budgets and by month or year. All emissions data is displayed in line with GHG accounting protocol using internationally recognised Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) units.

For real life impact the rolling information screen switches between indicators such as equivalent car miles and forest acres required to sequester the pollution.

Designed to keep stakeholders updated on organisational progress towards reducing IT estates and commuter transport GHG emissions, the Px3 GHG Smart Meter is perfect for C-Level strategists and for engaging with employees who have an interest in sustainability.

For further information please visit our contact page and request the Px3 GHG Smart Meter brochure.