Each year the UK disposes of over two million tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Since 2014, UK law requires that all WEEE be disposed of separately from standard waste and be subject to environmentally sustainable treatment. This treatment includes reuse / re-purposing, recycling and recovery of materials.

Px3 offer a full WEEE treatment service for Information Technology & Communications products. All products are collected from site and treated with an aim to reduce environmental impact by adhering to the EU and UK waste hierarchy:

Re-Use – To support a circular economy, used ICT equipment will be data wiped in accordance with internationally recognised standards and distributed to UK charities.

Recycling – To extend the life-cycle of ICT WEEE all component parts will be recycled to reduce the impact of ICT on natural resources.

Recovery – All materials that can be reconstituted to be used in the manufacture of other products will be recovered to further minimise landfill and waste.

PX3 will supply the necessary waste declarations and transfer notifications required when treating WEEE. Should you also wish to incorporate the positive results produced by reuse, recycling and recovery into your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy or annual reports, our sustainable consultants can produce further layers of detail identifying environmental metrics such as:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2e) Abatement – How much CO2e was avoided by treating your WEEE

Natural Resource Savings – The materials saved through recycling and recovery that will prevent new materials being mined.

Sustainable Earth – Detail relating to materials that were diverted from landfill and the hazardous waste avoided