A well planned sustainable information communication technology (ICT) strategy will deliver benefits to people, planet and profit. By lowering ICT greenhouse gas emissions your organisation can help abate climate change whilst reducing costs as ICT becomes more efficient and consumes less electricity. Employee productivity and retention will grow as sustainable ICT strategies begin to improve work life balance and enhance your brand. New mandatory UK government CO2e emissions reporting for business will also become easier as you gain a clear understanding of your impact to the atmosphere.

Choosing the Px3 ICT CO2e Emissions (ICE) Assessment is the first essential step to truly identifying your current ICT greenhouse gas emissions and discovering new ways to adopt a more sustainable approach to ICT.

Px3’s 45 day ICE consulting engagement will analyse your ICT environment, document your exact ICT CO2e emissions at the hardware, virtual and anonymised user level and deliver a full report that can be used for emissions reporting, sustainable ICT planning and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies.

For further information please visit our contact page and request the Px3 ICE white paper.