The Px3 IT Related Carbon Footprint Report offers both summary and in-depth assessment of IT related greenhouse gas emissions produced by your commercial operations. Consisting of over thirty pages of bespoke data, information and sustainable IT recommendations the service enables your business to:

  • Measure & Report annual IT use phase energy consumption GHG Emissions (Estates Scope 2 Emissions)
  • Measure & Report annual Commute to Access IT GHG Emissions (Transport Scope 3 Emissions)
  • Measure & Report annual IT embodied life cycle GHG Emissions (Supply Chain Scope 3 Emissions)

The report will include:

  • GHG accounting quantities measured in CO2e units per Scope category
  • Analogous real life emissions values including car miles pollution equivalent plus the number of forest acres to sequester emissions
  • A per capita ratio to highlight your organisation’s IT related emissions by employee
  • Recommendations as to how you can plan to reduce your organisation’s IT related carbon footprint
  • CO2e quantities and % improvement values that could be made by adopting the Px3 recommendations     

Additionally, as part of our ‘Expanding Forests’ project, Px3 will plant 10 trees for every organisation we measure for IT related GHG emissions.  For every thirty customers this creates 1 acre of new forest that will help to sequester the pollution created by commercial IT emissions. 

Customer requirements and budgets vary, so we have a set of fixed-price packages available, from on-line assessments through to detailed cloud-based or on-premises analytics.  Initial discussions on requirements are without obligation and free of charge.  Simply get in contact and we will be happy to talk you through the options.

Our Px3 IT Related Carbon Footprint Report will help your organisation to create a baseline measurement against which to identify areas of improvement, create new sustainability strategies and judge future goals.

Used as part of an informed Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance framework or a Corporate & Social Responsibility strategy, understanding your IT related footprint will help your organisation to plan a carbon-reduction strategy and build a sustainable future through the diffusion of sustainable IT.

For further information please visit our contact page and request the Px3 IT Related Carbon Footprint Report brochure or speak to us directly.