If your organisation is seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions then IT energy consumption and travel for work represent two key sources of potential abatement.

Information technology is responsible for 13% of commercial energy consumption and concomitant greenhouse gas emissions whilst vehicle commuting represents 27% of all miles travelled.

Quantifying both sources will enable your organisation to understand your current greenhouse gas emissions impact and create valid reduction strategies.

Customers requirements and budgets vary, so we have a set of fixed-price packages available, from low-cost on-line assessments through to detailed cloud-based or on-premises analytics.  Initial discussions on requirements are without obligation and free of charge.  Simply get in contact and we will be happy to talk you through the options.

The Px3 ‘IT & Workstyle Sustainability Analysis’ service utilises proven analytics and survey methodology to accurately measure your organisation’s information technology green house gas emissions and workstyle practices.

reportsThe resulting report achieves three key objectives.

  • Firstly, to comprehensively document current environmental impact created by IT energy consumption and associated workstyles such as commuting.
  • Secondly, to offer detailed change recommendations to lower your organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • Finally, to act as a baseline measurement of current environmental impact against which you can set goals and measure future success.

Our standard engagement includes:

PLANET – Accurate measurement and reporting of current Information Technology generated Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions including end user computing devices (desktop, notebook and tablet) and data centres. The data is reported in internationally recognised GHG and validated accounting format using CO2e units, suitable for inclusion in company annual reports. Additionally the greenhouse gas values are converted to real life values including forest acres required to sequester IT emissions. These visualisations are invaluable for corporate and social responsibility reports and stakeholder awareness.

PEOPLE – Survey and analytic assessment of IT user commuting Scope 1 and 3 GHG emissions related to current employee flexible working practices. As with the PLANET data, the emissions are reported in both GHG accounting format and real life values.

PRODUCTIVITY – Assessment and recommendation for areas of improvement that will reduce GHG emissions and enhance productivity through the adoption of Sustainable IT practices. The information is based upon the quantitative and qualitative data generated for the Planet and People measurement phase and is specific to your organisation making each report unique.

In summary, our clients receive a specific, comprehensive report detailing current and potential environmental metrics and practices. The report is designed to support greenhouse gas reporting and reduction compliance requirements, sustainable IT strategies and company wide corporate and social responsibility (CSR) strategies.

For further information please visit our contact page and request the Px3 ICT & Workstyle Sustainability Analysis brochure.