Dr. Sutton-Parker to present his new research findings to UK Cross-Government Sustainability Team

Px3 CEO will present research findings to the “STAR” meeting on 22nd September 2022

The Sustainable Technology Advice & Reporting (STAR) team coordinates cross-government reporting for ICT sustainability, creating national level best practice policies for government organisations. The team’s aims are to reduce the government’s ICT carbon emissions by minimising e-waste, supply chain and use-phase GHG emissions to meet cross-government targets on Net Zero by 2050 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Specialising in the field of IT carbon footprint reduction and computer life cycle assessment, Px3‘s CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Justin Sutton-Parker was invited in early 2022 to conduct groundbreaking computer supply chain carbon footprint calculation for 13 government departs, covering several million ICT devices.

Having now completed the 6-month research project, Dr. Sutton-Parker has now been invited to present to the STAR Team to reveal the results in full.

The meeting will form part of the progress towards new national public sector policy change to improve computer electricity scope 2 GHG emissions calculation and to include scope 3 supply chain emissions for the first time.

More information about the UK government’s Greening ICT strategy can be found here.