Dr. Sutton-Parker shortlisted for ‘Climate Pioneer’ category at the annual P.E.A. Awards

People & Environment Achievement Awards and Deloitte recognises the impact of sustainable IT research

The UK’s leading sustainability and ethical awards body, People & Environment Achievement (P.E.A.) Awards, has announced its shortlist for the 2023 Deloitte sponsored category of ‘Climate Pioneer’.

Included is Px3 CEO, Dr. Sutton-Parker. The decision is based upon his body of research that has generated new ways of calculating ICT carbon footprints and delivered proven positive environment impact via technology companies and end user organisations alike adopting the new approaches.

The announcement comes ahead of a forthcoming green-carpet awards ceremony to be held on London’s greenest ‘party boat’, the Ocean Diva, and hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

I’m thrilled that prestigious and long established sustainability awards such as PEA are recognising sustainable IT as a key driver for climate action. For me it has less to do with winning an award and more to do with ensuring that as many people and organisations as possible consider reducing IT GHG emissions. The only way to achieve this is to spread the word and high profile events and awards such as this certainly help the cause.

Dr. Sutton-Parker, Px3 CEO and Research Fellow for the University of Warwick

For more details see the P.E.A. website here